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Developing Canada’s first LNG export terminal

Map of proposed LNG export terminals in British Columbia

LNG Canada is the largest of 13 LNG export terminals proposed for British Columbia and one of the country’s largest infrastructure projects ever.

The emergence of abundant, cheap US shale gas over the last decade has dramatically changed the North American gas market and, by extension, the world energy picture. One result of the US shale gas revolution has been to lessen its reliance on natural gas piped in from Canada.

Data from the US Energy Information Administration bears that out. In 2007, natural gas pipeline imports from Canada to the US were 3,782,708M ft3. In 2017, natural gas imports fell 22% to 2,962,689M ft3.

With natural gas pipeline exports to the US falling, Canadian gas producers shifted their gaze beyond North America to the more lucrative markets of Asia and Europe. The result is that since 2011, 24 LNG projects have been issued long-term export licences by Canada.

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