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The Countdown to LNG Production in Kitimat

A line that Peter Zebedee has always included on his resume: “I want to lead and guide the next generation of energy projects in Canada,” was recently realized when Zebedee took over the reins of the LNG Canada project in Kitimat, B.C.

The largest private sector investment in Canadian history, the enormity of the project isn’t measured only in dollars. Zebedee says he was humbled when he saw how the power lines had been relocated to make way for the project.

“The lines were raised to a height of five storeys to accommodate the gigantic gas processing modules that will be shipped here and married to the piping and processing equipment we’re putting into place now,” he says. “The physical dimensions of what’s to come are staggering. It’s awe-inspiring to see this emerging project against the natural beauty of the Kitimat area. But with my knowledge of the enormous challenges ahead, it’s also a bit intimidating.”

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