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Established in 1968, Kerkhoff began as a new home builder, renovator and subcontractor to other home builders. In the 1970s, they expanded to include the construction of warehouses, restaurants, and schools. Since then, Kerkhoff has built a reputation of excellence in every form of construction and has built multi-unit residential projects, bridges, roads, master planned communities, resorts, churches, condominiums, and government facilities in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, California, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Germany.

In British Columbia, some of their most recognizable projects include over 20 buildings for Expo 1986, the Kamloops Courthouse, the Grandville Island Hotel, the Skytrain bridge linking New Westminster and Surrey, and the majority of bridges and overpasses on the Coquihalla Highway. In every project they undertake, Kerkhoff Construction’s top priority is to always ensure the satisfaction of their clients, and those who use the projects they construct.

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